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November 2024
Dubai Chambers
Deira, Dubai

In the wake of recent geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties plaguing the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the 3rd annual MENA Supply Chain Finance conference is set to convene in November this year. This groundbreaking event will bring together key stakeholders from across the supply chain finance ecosystem to address pressing challenges and explore strategies for seizing opportunities in the evolving MENA landscape.

The MENA region, grappling with the aftermath of conflicts and disruptions, faces complex economic dynamics that necessitate innovative approaches to supply chain finance. Against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions, MENA Supply Chain Finance aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to navigate these challenges effectively.

With projected growth in the MENA region downgraded due to various factors, including the impact of conflicts and oil production cuts, it is imperative for businesses and financial institutions to adapt and innovate. MENA Supply Chain Finance will provide a platform for participants to gain insights into the latest economic trends, regulatory developments, and market dynamics shaping the region's supply chain finance landscape.

MENA Supply Chain Finance will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships, driving positive change and resilience in the MENA supply chain finance landscape. Join us in November as we chart a course towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for the MENA region.

This conference is essential for banks, independent financiers specialising in receivables, trade credit insurers, fintech companies, legal firms, consultants, and other professionals engaged in or interested in receivables and payables finance in the MENA region.

Dubai Chambers

Dubai Chambers, Baniyas Road
Deira, Dubai , DU
United Arab Emirates



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