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Euler Hermes survey: CFOs concerned about risky business escalation in 2019


Nearly 75% of CFOs are at least moderately concerned about the risks they might face in the next 12 months... more

Accounts-receivable coverage launched for SMEs in USA

USA insurance program administrator specializing in trade credit risk, said on Monday (04 Feb 2019) it has launched... more

BFM: Study on SME finance in Germany


The study conducted by BFM (German Factoring Federation for the middle-sized companies) concluded that... more

Indian banks to set live network for SCF


A group of 11 Indian banks have teamed up to unveil a... more

Central and Eastern Europe: a fast-growing factoring market


Kevin Day, CEO, HPDLendscape, is speaking about the factoring industry in... more

UK financier launches cashflow and invoice finance division with new technology

UK launching a new artificial intelligence-power dedicated cashflow and invoice finance division... more

Alternative lenders find new ways to cooperate


For years now, analysts have been predicting that a wave of ... more

Commerzbank publishes new white paper on BPO


Bank Payment Obligation can act as a gateway for further trade finance technologies, says new ... more

Coface: Corporate insolvencies in France will continue to rise in 2019


Since May 2018, the number of insolvencies in France has started to rise again... more

TReDS platform, Invoicemart, achieves US$28m business volume


Invoicemart, a digital invoice discounting platform for MSMEs, has achieved business volumes of over... more