Morgan Terigi
Co-founder and CEO, Incomlend

Morgan Terigi is the Co-founder and CEO of Incomlend. Based in Dubai and Singapore, Morgan is a serial entrepreneur has an extensive background in trade and manufacturing. Spotting a gap in the market, Morgan and co-founder Dmitri Kouchnirenko created and launched Incomlend in January 2016. The company provides an alternative trade finance platform delivering factoring and supply chain finance solutions to companies globally. It works as a marketplace, where businesses can optimise their working capital by tapping into a pool of private institutional investors. Throughout his business activities, Morgan has established various companies in Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore. Morgan is both a mechanical engineer and HEC Paris graduate.

Luiza Buserska
Corporate Communications Executive, CODIX

Luiza Buserska is a media and communications expert with more than 19 years of experience in this dynamic field. Currently she is responsible for corporate communications at CODIX, an international software provider for the credit & finance industry: commercial finance, supply chain finance, debt collection, accounts receivable, consumer finance, leasing, credit insurance, etc. Luiza also has extensive experience in both public administration, including the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Finance, the European Structural and Investment Funds, and the private sector. Luiza leverages her knowledge in close collaboration with CODIX’s business experts to provide insightful analysis and reviews.

Robert Meters
Director, SCHUMANN International

Robert Meters is Director at SCHUMANN International Limited in London. He studied Business Administration and International Management at the University for Economics and Management. He has been in the credit risk management industry since 1993 and has worked for leading information service providers as well as in the telecommunications industry. At SCHUMANN, he is responsible for global business and the Financial Services division. He advises and takes care of customers in the automation of credit decisions and the implementation of a fully integrated credit management workflow system that also supports onboarding and KYC processes. SCHUMANN offers the leading credit risk management solution for the financial services sector covering leasing, factoring, banking and trade credit insurance. 

Elliot Avison
CEO, Dancerace

Elliot is CEO of asset-based lending (ABL) software provider Dancerace. Technologist by trade and psychologist by training, Elliot has led the award-winning firm to rapid growth across Europe, Africa, Asia and America since 2015. Today, Elliot is working to realise the company’s vision to transform banks, lenders and borrowers’ ABL operations via open connectivity, data intelligence and intuitive user experiences.

Federico Avellán Borgmeyer
Chief Partner Officer, efcom

With nearly 30 years banking technology experience, Federico is the strategic architect and now executer for efcom's new global marketing & sales approach. Federico is also Senior Partner at the Amontis Consulting Group, Executive Board Member at Sevar AG, Board Member at Meshed Systems, Sales Partner at Asteria AB and holds an MS from Technische Universität Berlin, MBA Visiting Scholarship from University of Illinois and lectures Entrepreneurship at the Computer Science Department at University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. He lived and worked in the Americas, EMEA, Mainland China and Germany and speaks Spanish, English and German.

Igor Zaks
CFA, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, 40Seas

Igor is the Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer of 40Seas, a fintech platform that digitizes and simplifies cross-border trade financing for SMEs around the globe. Igor is a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in banking, blue-chip corporates and consulting. Prior to joining the 40Seas founding team, Igor held senior banking roles at Citibank, Daiwa and Eurohypo/Commerzbank, and served as a senior executive at Dell on the financing and risk management teams. He was also a Managing Partner at SCF Capital, where he played a key role in launching the first supply chain financing platform, and is a seasoned consultant to many companies, including Fortune 100 companies, banks, and fintech. Igor is a frequent speaker at major corporate events and sits on the advisory/editorial boards of TRF News and World of Open Account.

Igor holds a Sloan Fellowship MSc (with distinction) from the London Business School and a Global Professional LLM from the University of Toronto.

Diego Tavecchia
Director of Operations, ASSIFACT

Diego Tavecchia is Director of Operations at ASSIFACT, the Italian Factoring Association, and Chair of the Prudential Risk Committee (PRC) of the European Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry (EUF). Before joining Assifact in 2007, he graduated in International Economics and Finance from the University of Milan, where he also obtained his PhD in Business History and Corporate Finance with a dissertation about the effects of factoring on Italian businesses. He has more than 10 years of experience as a lecturer in courses about factoring and risk management. At the EUF, he established and chaired the Economics and Statistics Committee for several years before taking the lead of the PRC.

Joon Kim
Head of Global Trade Product & Portfolio Management Treasury Services, BNY Mellon

Joon Kim is the Global Trade Product and Portfolio group manager in the Treasury Services Product Management, BNY Mellon group. In his current role, Joon is responsible for managing, developing and executing Trade Finance Product and Distribution strategy, working with all Treasury Services Global segments and Global Sales organizations to grow revenues and ensure risk and compliance measures are met. Joon has more than 25 years of experience. He has held various senior positions at Standard Chartered Bank and American Express Bank, most recently as Managing Director and Head of Transaction Banking for Corporate and Commodities for the Americas region. His various experiences include leading Trade Sales, Trade Product Management and Relationship Management teams, with an emphasis on development and sales of trade finance, supply chain financing, receivable services, trade processing and cross-border cash and liquidity management solutions to global financial institutions and corporations. He is a member of BAFT – Global Trade Industry Council and has written a number of articles, including a recent blog for ICC on “Business Unusual adapting to changes and facilitating Global Trade Finance” in June, 2020.

Roberto Gutiérrez
CEO and founder, Alvantia

Roberto Gutiérrez is a computer engineer with a postgraduate training in marketing and quality systems. He has a track record of more than 30 years designing and creating innovative solutions for the field of commercial financing. At the end of 2003, he decided to capitalize on his experience and knowledge by creating Alvantia, of which he is the Founding CEO. Alvantia is a company with international presence that has factoring and confirming software platforms and a set of complementary solutions that cover the technological needs of financial entities. In addition, Alvantia provides business consulting services and development of customised software solutions, always in the field of commercial financing.

Mark Mandula
Senior Vice President, United Capital Funding Corp.

Mr. Mandula is Senior Vice President of United Capital Funding Group. United Capital is one of the leading professional accounts receivable (AR) funding and AR management services based firm in the United States. Since 1997, United Capital has successfully provided funding and managed over US$3bn to entrepreneurial firms with annual revenue from startup stage to over US$50m. United Capital is headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, with regional offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois. Mandula leads the marketing activities at the firm and has been an invited speaker at international conferences and symposiums globally.

Kevin Day, CEO, Lendscape
Kevin Day
CEO, Lendscape

Kevin is committed to making Lendscape the technology partner of choice for banks and independent funders operating in the invoice finance, factoring, supply chain finance and asset finance markets. He has spent over 30 years at the company, and during this time, he has held positions as Software Developer, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Director, Board Member and COO. Kevin’s detailed understanding of the business, deep knowledge of the complex nature of secured lending products and the dynamics of an ever-changing market has given him a measured and unique perspective on technology and finance. He leads Lendscape with a continuous programme of R&D and investment - working closely with its growing client base to ensure simplified SME finance solutions. This focus on investment has enabled significant company growth and Lendscape now employs a global team to support its technology, business development, and customer support initiatives. While frequently requested for speaking engagements, as an author, Kevin has contributed to industry publications, including Financial Times, Business Money, and Euromoney, writing on topics such as digitalisation, open architectures, and cloud computing to drive new technology innovation.

Vitor Graça
Secretary-General, ALF

Vitor Graça is the Secretary-General of the Portuguese Leasing, Factoring and Renting Association (ALF), in charge of representing the interests of specialised financing members, cooperating with public entities, promoting the social and economic development of specialised finance products and providing training to improve the general knowledge on leasing, factoring and renting. With extensive experience in the field of specialised financing, and particularly in ALF since 2008, he is also a member of the Executive Committee of the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry (EUF). Vitor Graça holds a MSc in International Economics and European Studies from Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (University of Lisbon), and a BSc in Economics from NOVA School of Business and Economics. In addition, he is President of the Board of the centenary Portuguese League for Human Rights – Civitas and was a member of the Executive Board of the European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH) until 2021.

João Costa Pereira
Head of Trade Finance, Ouribank

João Costa Pereira is a senior banker specialising in factoring, supply chain finance, and trade finance. He currently serves as the Head of Trade Finance at Ouribank in Brazil and is an international business advisor. With a career spanning multiple continents, João has held key roles at renowned financial institutions such as Credit Lyonnais Bank, Eurofactor, and FIMBank where he was focusing on receivables and trade finance solutions. He has also served as the CEO of Brasilfactors, a joint venture between FIMBank, BICBANCO, and IFC, offering domestic and cross-border receivables finance in Brazil. João actively contributes to the industry as a member of FCI's Marketing Committee, sharing his expertise through articles and speaking engagements. He holds an Economics degree from the Lisbon Catholic School of Business & Economics (FCEE).