Asset-based lenders performed well overall in Q4, SFNet reports

The resilience of the asset-based lending market continued in the fourth quarter, according to data released by the Secured Finance Network (SFNet). Lenders held positive against the backdrop of an uneven economy, but are closely watching portfolios in 2024.

SFNet surveyed bank and non-bank asset-based lenders (ABLs) on key indicators for its quarterly Asset-Based Lending Index and SFNet Confidence Index.  

"The asset-based lending (ABL) industry performed well in the fourth quarter of 2023, as the economy finished the year strongly, albeit a bit unevenly,” said SFNet CEO Richard D. Gumbrecht. “Overall, lender confidence rose, reflecting a moderately positive view of the industry going forward and a sense that any portfolio softening will be mitigated. ABL has always been an all-weather industry that will continue to perform well even in a bumpy economy."

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