The Hungarian Factoring Industry

Ferenc Csaki, CEO of Magyar Factoring, provides an overview of the factoring market in Switzerland, covering industry environment, market performance, supply and future trends, for the World Factoring Yearbook 2011.

The Szйchenyi Plan

The Hungarian Factoring Association is continuing its fight for the inclusion of factoring in the government s plans to support the country s SME sector. Factorscan talks to Ferenc Csáki, Chairman of Hungarian Factoring Association and Chairman and CEO of Magyar Factor Zrt, to find out how the Association plans to continue its struggle despite the rejection of its recent proposals.

EBRD and CIB boost business funding

The EBRD is increasing the availability of financing to the real economy in Hungary, with a 50 m credit line to CIB Bank, including at least 10 m equivalent denominated in Hungarian Forint.