EUR5.2bn available to Hungarian SMEs

HUF1,400bn (EUR5.2bn) in direct subsidies, much of it from a restructuring of EU funding, will be available to Hungarian SMEs in the next two years

EUR351.84m for micro businesses

In 2008 there has been 412 contracts signed so far worth HUF1.9bn (EUR8.05m) in the framework of the New Hungary Enterprise Micro Credit program, as shown by the data of the economy development center MAG Zrt.

Ecostat business confidence index slips in Q2

Ecostat's TOP-100 index for sentiment at Hungary's biggest hundred companies fell to 84.6 per cent in Q2 from 90.2 per cent in Q1. Its measure of confidence among SMEs dropped to 85.3 per cent from 90.5 per cent.

20% of enterprises have credit insurance

One-third of the Hungarian companies thing that their clients payment morals are bad, while foreign companies have a better esteem, according to a survey created by Atradius Credit Insurance measuring payment habits and risks in six countries including Romania, Austria, the Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.