EU lawmakers agree to make loans for SMEs cheaper

EU lawmakers have agreed with countries on cutting the amount of capital banks must hold against loans to smaller companies, resolving one of several issues holding up the implementation of the Basel III capital rules in Europe, a negotiator has revealed.

EU to introduce new support for SMEs under Horizon 2020

European Commissioner for Research and Innovation Máire Geoghegan-Quinn has announced new measures to support SMEs in developing high-potential innovations and bring them closer to market under the EU programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

European debt crisis rattles trade credit insurance market.


Ewan Freely, Managing Director Marsh Political Risk and Trade Credit Practice USA shares with Factorscan the results of Marsh's recent survey into the current appetite for trade credit in Europe and George Karagiannopoulos, Chairman of the Hellenic Factors Association and Chief Executive Officer Eurobank Factors, talks exclusively to Factorscan about the impact of the withdrawal of credit underwriting by the major trade credit insurers on Greek companies and the Greek Factoring Market.

Atradius report on payment cultures as defined by businesses in Eastern Europe

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Atradius report on the payment trends in Eastern Europe which coincides with the release of their newly published survey results, the, Atradius Payment Practices Barometer , focussing on Eastern Europe. During the summer, Factorscan will be publishing a number of reports in conjunction with Atradius which holds approximately 31% of the global trade credit insurance market.

Sizing the Market for Invoice Finance in Europe

The Hidden Player - Sizing the Market
Demica, the market leading specialist in working capital solutions and financial data processing has prepared a report which they believe to be the first one that views the invoice finance market as a whole, comprising factoring and invoice discounting, supply chain finance and trade receivables securitisation. Their report demonstrates the economic significance of invoice finance in Europe, playing a vital role in funding economic recovery at a time when bank credit continues to undergo a substantial “squeeze”.
BCR Factorscan publishes selected extracts from the report .