Tackling cross border payments’ challenges and inefficiencies

Cross-border trade represents one of the biggest business opportunities available.

Yet, with this opportunity comes challenges. Cumbersome cross-border payment infrastructure and processes make it harder to overcome these barriers. Only by combining local market knowledge and new technology can such barriers be overcome, and cross-border trade truly succeed.

“It is an honour to present at such a high-profile Forum for Alternative and Receivables Finance. I am looking forward to share my relevant experience with a very demanding audience as well as to keenly listen to ideas from fellow speakers on wide ranging topics, all without exception being of my acute interest”, said Andrei Dikouchine, 3SMoney.

Andrei Dikouchine will join more than 30 senior receivables finance executive speakers at BCR’s Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum which will take place on 14th November, in London.

Andrei will share his organisation’s experience and broader market observations on international payment challenges covering:

  • Contrasting progress in domestic infrastructure to prevailing inefficiencies in cross border payments
  • Identifying main sources of cross border payments’ challenges, such as the lack of common messaging standards and uneven response to growing regulatory requirements
  • Payment innovations and trends and their effects – changing banking landscape of today and tomorrow

Find out why the cross border payments are challenging and much more, by attending the BCR’s high-level Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum.