‘We can now begin to address the trade finance gap’ says Parm Sangha

The fast-moving blockchain and trade and receivables finance environment has evolved substantially since BCR’s last Consortia in 2019.

This includes the developments in we.trade, Contour and Marco Polo in:

• Transformation of vertical blockchain structures into horizontal innovations.

• Cooperation between different platforms.

• Banks becoming more open in how they are looking at their platforms.

• Examination of control functions within blockchain technology.

See BCR’s webcast with Parm S. Sangha, GBS Executive Partner, Global Blockchain Leader, Trade and Trade Finance, IBM: https://bcrpub.com/interview-parm-s-sangha-gbs-executive-partner-global-blockchain-leader-trade-and-trade-finance-ibm

And register to see Parm speak at Consortia 21: https://bcrpub.com/events/consortia-2021