Kbank to take over Kasikorn’s SME factoring service

Kasikorn Factoring Co. Ltd are to hand over their SME factoring service to parent bank Kasikornbank (Kbank) next year, the Bangkok post reported today. Aiming to double their business volume over the next three years, the Kbank subsidiary intend to concentrate their efforts on their machinery and equipment leasing business

FTI proposes a state SME Fund

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) will discuss setting up a state fund to provide financial assistance to SMEs

SME Bank provide funding

In an attempt to assist cash-strapped SMEs, the Thai Industry Ministry will cooperate with the SME Bank to lend a minimum of EUR126m during Q3

Banks to lend government funds on to SMEs

The Thai government is extending 20.5 billion bath to six state-owned banks with the intention of them providing assistance to SMEs, specifically those within the export, housing and farm sectors.

SMEs extended tax loan guarantees

The government yesterday approved the Small Business Credit Guarantee Corporation (SBCG) to provide loan guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises for tax payments.