Digitalisation and credit risk management - key issues at 24th Conference of Schumann

“Digitalisation and credit risk management is a very important topic today” mentioned Robert Meters, Head of Global Business & Financial Services, Schumann in one of the opening speeches of the 24th Conference of Schumann that took place yesterday. Over 50 specialists from trade industry, financial institutions, insurance companies contribute with their expertise in presentations, exchanges and discussion panels during the event.

Technology became even more important during pandemic. Although it was a challenging period, Schumann succeeded to be more productive during the crisis, said Evgeny Kulyushin, Member of the Executive Board, Schumann.  

Technology, added Kulyushin, is very important for the credit risk management due to:

- huge amount of data that need to be dealt with,

- speed of decision making expected on the market,

- need to connect all parties involved.

Further on, Robert Meters and Evgeny Kulyushin explained that Schumann plans are to continue its expansion rate of 20% per year, but that globalisation was equally important for the company.

Katharina Rehmet, Product Manager, Schumann presented their product portfolio, which was expanding, offering more solutions to support business challenges. “Seamless integration, automatization and configuration are just brief expect of the requirement profile of our products. Enterprise integration layer, workflow management and product configurator are the answers from us and our products to these challengers”, said Rehmet.

Configuration over coding, business connectivity, technological renewal, AI technologies, end-to-end business, and the development of new products (Schumann Client Portal, CAM Credit, CAM Cloud) were mentioned as main goals of Schumann.   

Talking about the portfolio of products, Rehmet reveals Schumann solutions both existent and new:

  • CAM Credit & Surety (credit insurance, export credit agencies and surety insurance)
  • CAM Financial Services (banks and financial service providers – factoring & leasing)
  • CAM Industry and Trade (industry, wholesale and energy companies)
  • Finoyo (balance sheet analysis)
  • Client Portal (possibility to provide digital products to end customer)
  • CAM Credit (answer to TSI market for automatization and configure underwriting process)
  • CAM Cloud (for the industry and trade market - a smart solution).
  • Further improvements, on existing products are:

    For CAM Credit & Surety: implementing the product into the sales process and connecting the partners with interfaces to enable end-to-end process (integrate contract and client onboarding in the new product Schumann Client Portal), providing more flexibility in the configuration of their products in lean management and flexible creation, capture processes in relation to maintenance of contracts (renewal, contract consolidation).

    CAM Financial Services: Schumann Client Portal is going to be expanded to include leasing offers, and decision-making process; for factoring - the permanent limit control will be added in order to be able to control the necessary limit adjustments directly in the system.

    CAM Industry and Trade: focus on digitalise legal traffic, new supply chain law, payment experiences, payment forecast and changes in payment behaviour.

    CAM (base product): improvements on enterprise integration layer, editing additional informational providers as well work on CAM on Linux to provide an alternative for Windows.

    Talking about one of the developing highlights – product configurator – Rehmet presented the features and functionality directly in the application of Schumann.

    During the event, Schumann announced that they are opening a new office in London in the coming months. Schumann believe the future is in technology and that there is so much more data available now that can be harnessed.