Interview with Martin Opfermann, Allianz

"When we look at this asset class…there's more demand, and there's more conversations that we're having with investors. So that's really something that's nicely developing." Martin Opfermann, Allianz.

In advance to the 7th Annual Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum Michael Bickers talks to Martin Opfermann, Senior Portfolio Manager Alternatives, Allianz Global Investors about benefits and strains of investing in trade receivables:

  • Is a receivable a good asset for investors?
  • Why is it growing in popularity today?
  • Why is finance through receivables securitisation not channelled directly into the SME space?
  • What role do asset managers play as investors?
  • How is the climate for investing in trade receivables changing in the post banking crisis era?

Hear Martin Opfermann discussing these and other questions during BCR Webcast.

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