Turkey, an export factoring market to follow…

1980 was a milestone for the Turkish economy. The decade saw many changes for the economy and the financial system, as well as politically and socially. One of the new ‘happenings’ was factoring.

EBRD channels USD100m through Garanti Bank for Turkish SMEs

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is channelling up to US$100 million (up to EUR73 million) to one of its largest partner banks in Turkey, Garanti Bank, which will use the proceeds to increase SME lending in economically depressed regions.

Turkey: A burgeoning factoring market gaining a good image

Erkan Coplugil, Executive Vice President at Garanti Faktoring Hiz. A.S. offers his views on the Turkish factoring market in an interview with Michael Bickers for Factorscan. Garanti Faktoring is one of the first factoring companies in Turkey and is a member of one of Turkey's largest financial services groups.