Official export-credit programmes

Teximbank operates programmes designed to insure exports against commercial and political risks. The majority of the companies accessing the service are small, first-time entrants to what are deemed high-risk export markets.

Banks' long-term credit rating improving

Things are looking up in Turkey. The Fitch Agency, which issues international credit ratings, has upgraded both Turkey's credit rating and the credit rating of 18 of its banks in long-term local and foreign currency.

Exports rise 37% in January

Turkey's exports rose 36.9 per cent year-on-year to US$4.73bn in January, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) said.

Toprak Factoring joins Altэnbaю group

Toprak Factoring A.Ю., which was taken over by the Banking Regulation and Supervisory Agency (BRSA) in 2001, has announced that an 83% stake in the company has been sold to Altэnbaю Holding A.Ю., a group of companies operating in the jewellery, en

Trade deficit up 44.4% in 9 months

The year-on-year foreign trade deficit increased 44.4 per cent to $15.4bn in the first nine months, the State Institute of Statistics (DIE) said on Friday.