A European payment complex

The Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) looks set to change the payment landscape of Europe. With almost all of the banks of the euro area signed up for the scheme, but levels of usage hovering somewhere around the 5% mark, it is evident that there is significant room for further growth, with work evidently still needed to be done to really develop the schemes take-up. Factorscan spoke with payments systems experts regarding the development of the SEPA.

PS Bank: a factoring ‘big brother’

Acting as big brother institutions, a number of multinational banks are playing an invaluable role in the development of factoring globally. In the first of a two part look at factoring ‘big brothers’, Factorscan speaks with Oksana Nekhvorosnaya, Head of Import Factoring Division, at Promsvyazbank in Russia, about the role that PS Bank has played in developing factoring into its ‘near abroad’, the key motivators behind these moves and why the bank applies a similar approach to its operations in all the countries of the CIS

Lifting the lid

Phillip Kerle, Chief Executive Officer of Demica talks to Factorscan about the development of, and rising interest in, receivables finance across Europe.

HSBC: Eastern promise

HSBC's Commercial Finance arm has expanded its presence in Europe over the past few years, with new offices in the Czech Republic and Poland being their most recent moves. Further market expansion appears to be on the horizon and so Factorscan spoke to HSBC, about their development methodology, the strength conferred by a global brand and why HSBC are sticking to their guns on pricing...

Import factoring: running into trouble

With the withdrawal of three UK factors from various aspects of the international offering Barclays from import factoring, GMAC from the UK market and Ultimate from international factoring Factorscan asks why the international scene has experienced so many casualties in the downturn and how other European markets and factors have managed to stay buoyant. Factorscan talks to Finn Castella, General Manager and CEO of Nordisk Factoring in Denmark about the impact of the downturn upon international factoring.

New Europe – rapid growth

Factorscan examines the rapid growth that factors in the Balkans and eastern Europe have managed to achieve in recent years and asks what impact the economic downturn has had upon developments in the region and whether liquidity shortages have played into the hands of the receivables finance industry.

The EBRD – Europe’s knight in shining armour

This month Factorscan met with members of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development s (EBRD) Trade Facilitation Programme at the Bank s London headquarters, to discuss how the EBRD has funded its clients through the downturn; its role in supporting the development of financial institutions in eastern Europe; and the eligibility and significance of receivables finance to the bank s funding plans.