Factoring in Egypt - World Factoring Yearbook

Marius Savin, General Manager of Egypt Factors, provides Factorscan with an overview of the Egyptian factoring market covering industry environment, market performance, supply and future trends.

SME guide to accessing finance launched

The Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) unveiled on Wednesday their Guide on Access to Finance , compiled to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt find funding.

A North African pow-wow

Marius Savin, General Manager of Egypt Factors and Peter Mulroy, Chairman of Factors Chain International (FCI), talk to Factorscan about the motives and outcomes behind the International Factoring Promotion Conference held in Egypt in January, organised by FCI and sponsored by Egypt's Ministry of Trade and Industry. The pair addressed the positive developments to emerge from the event, the increasing take-up of factoring in Egypt and the wider Middle East and continuing impediments to growth.

From humble beginnings...

Marius Savin, General Manager of Egypt Factors, talks to Factorscan about the major challenges faced by the Egyptian factoring industry, legal developments that could smooth the way for further growth and why financial licenses would help.

Egypt Factors' predict growth by 2014

Egypt Factors Ahmed Shaheen predicts a period of strong growth for the Egyptian factoring sector in the next five years, despite a difficult start for the industry. In a recent statement, Shaheen