Factoring in Egypt - the next leap forward

After steady yet low growth in the Egyptian factoring market in recent years it seems that a new confidence may be the impetus about to drive the industry forward. Peter Brinsley of financial services consultants, Point Forward, describes the latest developments in factoring in Egypt.

Factoring in Egypt - a country review

Ahmed Shaheen, General Manager Egypt Factors SAE provides a review of the Egyptian factoring market, covering industry environment, market performance, supply and future trends.

Egypt receives $400m from Islamic trade financier

The trade financing arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has offered US$400 million to help Egypt finance imports of petroleum products, wheat and other foodstuffs, according to Egypt's official news agency MENA.

ECGE general manager resigns

Alaa Gouda has resigned from his role as general manager of the Export Credit Guarantee Company of Egypt (ECGE), reports GTR.com