Factoring in Colombia - World Factoring Yearbook

Laura Cristina Otoya Tono, International Manager at Factoring Bancolombia in Colombia, provides Factorscan with an overview of the Colmbian factoring market covering industry environment, market performance, supply and future trends.

Factoring in Latin America - Colombia

Factorscan talks with Laura Cristina Otoya Tono, International Director at Factoring Bancolombia, about developments in the Colombian factoring market, unique features of the regional market and how the current crisis is affecting the provision of factoring services in Colombia.

Bancoldex ups Jan-May loans by 11%

Colombia's state-owned export development bank Bancoldex said new loans increased 11.4% from January-May compared to the same period last year.

Bancolombia announces new corporate image

BANCOLOMBIA S.A has changed its corporate image. From now on, the financial group shall be denominated as Grupo Bancolombia (formerly Organizacion Bancolombia) and the following subsidiaries and