New SCF company set to launch

Wowo Ltd has announced that it plans to form a supply chain finance company, adding it has already recruited a team to develop the business and start trial operations

China to boost factoring industry

The People's Bank of China has announced that it is moving to boost its domestic factoring industry with new policies that will encourage commercial banks to lend more to small and medium enterprises that use receivables as collateral

Afreximbank partners with Export-Import Bank of China

Afreximbank has announced that it has partnered with the Export-Import Bank of China and they have signed a cooperation agreement to create a $1bn China-Africa Investment and Industrialization Programme to facilitate the construction and creation of industrial parks and special economic zones on the continent

IFA enters into agreement with BCFA

The International Factoring Association (IFA) reports that it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Beijing Commercial Factoring Association (BCFA)

Siemens selects Deutsche Bank for receivables

Deutsche Bank has announced that it has implemented a Receivables on Behalf Of (ROBO) solution for Siemens Financial Services (SFS) in China, for both intra-group and third party cross-border receivables