Receivables finance business will not be the same

‘To prepare for the post-COVID-19 era, leaders need to do more than fine-tune their day-to-day tasks; they need to be ready and willing to rethink how they operate, and even why they exist’. (McKinsey 15 September 2021).

You may think you are ready to return to a new normal in factoring and supply chain finance, but there are so, so many important and varied aspects of your business that will have been affected by the pandemic. To be sure you have covered them all is quite a challenge.

FCI together with BCR are holding their first ‘Rebooting’ webinar next week. Michael Bickers, MD of BCR says ’There are a surprising number of things to think about and act on, some of them of critical importance. This webinar has been carefully crafted with the receivables financier in mind, to help them return to full and efficient operating as quickly as possible and to deal with the pandemic generated issues that are likely to arise’.

Less anxiety, more business – in just a couple of hours. Click here to register.