HPD Software and FCI collaboration fuels student dreams to bring factoring to Africa

Keen to facilitate education and development of the commercial finance industry, HPD and FCI came together to support those wishing to enter the sector. Under the HPD project FCI provided 22 free licences to students in emerging markets in 2017.

Claudius Kurtna, a 28-year-old Kenyan citizen, was one of the first students to graduate on the Foundation Course.

"I have always tried to gain a grasp on where the future is going. I am particularly interested in the area of software for financial institutions and am particularly fascinated in the factoring model. I am passionate about increasing the level of trade across the African continent, between countries. Africa should do more trade with itself, and I believe factoring offers the perfect solution for that”, said Claudius.

“I can see the real potential for factoring in Africa, and I am keen to be part of this. I believe that few people understand what it is or how to leverage its potential. I knew that having this grounding could really help me to progress not only my own career, but to also be part of something much bigger in the future," added Claudius.

Kevin Day at HPD Software, added: "It's great to be part of Claudius' story, and we wish him well with the next stage of his journey. We look forward to supporting more students through the bursary”.

FCI Secretary General, Peter Mulroy, said: "I am happy to have HPD helping FCI to develop the knowledge of factoring in emerging markets. This initiative is fully in line with one of the missions of FCI to actively support the growth of the Industry and spread the best practice in the world."