Global Supply Chain Finance jumps 36 percent

BCR’s annual review of the global supply chain finance sector, entitled the World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018, suggests the market for supply chain finance has grown by 36% in volume in 2016 compared to 2015 reaching US$447.8bn. The amount of funds in use as at the end of 2016 is estimated at US$167.8bn, an increase of 43%.

Supply chain finance is a form of receivables finance for the suppliers of large corporates and is now offered by most of the major banks around the globe.

Michael Bickers, Editor of the Report, said, ‘The rate of growth of supply chain finance continues to accelerate and reflects the increasing popularity of receivables finance, working capital management, and the need to support cash flow in critical supply chains.’

Regional figures: Europe volume, US$135 (+35%); funds in use: US$55bn; Americas volume, US$235bn (+38%); funds in use: US$98bn (+44%); Asia volume, US$70.8bn (+29%); funds in use: US$11.8bn (+69%). 



Hard copies will be freely available on first release at the 3rd annual Supply Chain Finance Summit, Frankfurt, 31 January – 1st February. (

Figures are based on industry estimates provided by senior executive practitioners. 

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