FCI recommends for the next period 'back to basics'

Ahead of a 25th release of World Factoring Yearbook, the publication’s editor Michel Bickers and Secretary General of FCI Peter Mulroy discuss the most tumultuous period in the history of global factoring including:

•             Will we see a sustained surge in factoring business coming out of the Covid pandemic (whenever that might be)?

•             Will some factoring markets fare better than others in the post crisis period and if so, which ones?

•             What about product demand – recourse vs non-recourse, international (import + export), ID, reverse etc

•             What can we expect in changes in risk profile coming out of the pandemic?

•             Has the crisis separated shaken up the RF fintech world?

•             What advice would Peter Mulroy give to factors in managing the challenges of a post pandemic world?

To see the full interview, go to https://bcrpub.com/wfy21-interview-fci.