FCI celebrates its 50th anniversary

FCI is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the city of Amsterdam, its place of foundation and head office location ever since.

FCI started with just 15 members in 12 countries and held its firstannual meeting in Stockholm; 50 years later, the organisation now has nearly 400 members in 90 countries.

Around 375 attendees are joining the festivities, with delegates coming from all over the world to represent members and stakeholders. A broad-based conference programme is both acknowledging the achievements and looking forward to future developments.

Factoring is now a global force in providing working capital and has grown to become a US$3.1 trillion turnover industry. FCI’s members are important providers of finance to wealth creator businesses and FCI itself looks forward to finding new and innovative ways of further increasing and expanding this support for world economic growth.

“This is a fantastic gathering which truly represents the spirit of the global factoring industry, past and future,” said Peter Mulroy, Secretary General.

“We are delighted to be here in Amsterdam, the birthplace of FCI. We are privileged to be able to pay tribute to those who brought the Industry to today’s position, and now honoured to take forward the tradition and to build the future of the Industry together”, said Çagatay Baydar, FCI Chairman.