FCI and EUF announce fifth Summit on Factoring and Commercial Finance

FCI and EUF announce their fifth Summit on Factoring and Commercial Finance to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 21-22 March 2019. The Summit is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to network and address topics that really matter for the factoring industry.


The programme will address:

  • the latest updates on the most recent evolutions on the European Factoring scene, both in terms of figures as in terms of products offered.
  • the findings of the updated EUF White Paper
  • the impact of the factoring and commercial finance industry; who support the real economy and employment in Europe
  • Fintech, Blockchain, other new technologies
  • How will the factoring industry look after Brexit
  • the consequences of CRR/ Basel III
  • the factoring industry in Portugal
  • the rouse of factoring industry in 2018, the report from EUF Technical Committees.

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