CODIX strengthens security standards with ISO 27001:2022 certification

CODIX has announced its latest achievement of ISO 27001:2022 certification. This new certification reinforces that security remains a cornerstone of CODIX operational strategy.

ISO 27001:2022, the latest standard incorporating pivotal updates, enhances the robustness of our cloud/SaaS offerings. This evolution signifies a broader security approach encompassing information security, cloud security, data protection, and physical security, harmonizing seamlessly with CODIX's dedication to safeguarding client interests.

“We are proud to be aligned with the security ISO27001:2022 requirements,” said Didier Nopre, CODIX Group CIO. “This certification not only amplifies our commitment to enhancing security practices, but also bolsters our ability to deliver secure solutions tailored to meet our clients' evolving needs. CODIX clients can choose their data center from all available OCI Datacenters, ensuring compliance with local regulations.”

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