Alisa Bank and PURO Finance have agreed on a combination

The Board of Directors of Alisa Bank Plc (Alisa Bank) and the shareholders of PURO Finance Ltd (PURO Finance) have agreed on the combination of the companies through a share exchange, upon the completion of which Alisa Bank acquires PURO Finance from the current shareholders of the company (Combination or Transaction).

As a result of the combination of Alisa Bank and PURO Finance, a forerunner in digital banking and finance services for SMEs emerges in the market. The Transaction is expected to generate significant short and medium-term synergies, improving especially Alisa Bank’s profitability and growth opportunities.

The Transaction will be carried out by way of a share exchange, following the completion of which, the current shareholders of PURO Finance will own approximately 40 per cent and current shareholders of Alisa Bank approximately 60 per cent of Alisa Bank’s shares.

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