ABL provider introduces Accelerate Pay for business payments

Synovus has launched Accelerate™ Pay, a new payment solution that enables commercial banking clients to initiate account payable payments in several different payment types while minimizing the use of checks. The solution offers payees the freedom to choose how they want to get paid, with check payments and e-checks still an option.

“At Synovus, we’ve carefully assessed the market to ensure we deliver a standout accounts payable business-to-business payment solution for our clients,” said Katherine Weislogel, head of treasury and payment solutions at Synovus. “Accelerate Pay simplifies business-to-business payments for our clients while quickly adapting to future-proof for an ever-changing payments landscape.”

When payment types are added, Synovus clients can take advantage of new options without altering their systems, payment initiation workflow or reconcilement processes.

In addition to helping Synovus clients eliminate check payments, Accelerate Pay...

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