Interview with Ignacio Frutos, Banco Santander

“We're seeing that more clients are looking for solutions, not only from a liquidity point of view, but also services… Now, it's not only financing but also the whole spectrum of services, to the end of the chain,” Ignacio Frutos, Global Head of Structured Receivables Finance, Banco Santander.

Michael Bickers meets with Ignacio Frutos to discuss the main determinators of development of the receivables finance market, including ESG, disruption of supply chains, new private equity entrants, evolution of corporate demand, as well as the future of bank and fintech collaboration.

At RFIx’22 on 26-27 May, Ignacio Frutos will draw out and explore the trends that will be the game changers for the receivables finance industry, for 2022 and beyond. Register today.