Interview with Anil Berry, Allianz Trade by Igor Zaks, Tenzor Ltd

“With the rise of inflation there will be an increase in insolvencies of around 4% for the first time in two years, depending on how the war crisis develops over the coming months,” Anil Berry, Allianz Trade.

In the run up to BCR’s Receivables Finance International Convention (RFIx’22), Igor Zaks, President, Tenzor Ltd talks to Anil Berry, Group Board Member, Allianz Trade to discuss the new company strategy in the changing industry environment, the direct and indirect impact of the Russian–Ukrainian crisis, rising interest rates, changes in the client mix, adoption of new technology, and opportunities the current crisis may bring.

To see Anil Berry and Igor Zaks speaking on the post-pandemic challenges faced by the trade credit insurance industry, join RFIx ’22 on 26-27 May.