Overview and Agenda

Recent events have altered the economy on a global scale. On the edge of a credit crisis, factors and supply chain finance providers are managing their businesses under extreme conditions. They need to be both positive, and confident, about how to do this in order to keep their businesses operating in the best possible condition. Businesses need to ensure they have the right infrastructure and measures in place to prepare for the dramatic changes to market conditions that may lie ahead.

Traditionally, in times of crisis and following, there is increased demand for receivables finance, but also increased pressures for practitioners. Will this be a question of survival or can receivables financiers still operate successfully in this extraordinary scenario? How should practitioners plan and adapt for widespread implications? How will secondary markets be affected?

In response to this instability, BCR Publishing will hold the webinar series Immediate Response Strategies for senior managers in the global receivables finance sector. These webinars will tackle widespread disruption, predict how the industry will be affected, and help companies devise and activate contingency plans, as well as strategic short- to mid-term preventative measures to help your business, both now and in the future. Speakers will include senior economists and recognised industry experts. For further information on each, please see below.


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