BCR announce date for RFIx 2014

BCR Publishing has announced the date and venue for their second Receivables Finance International Convention. The event will be held on the 1 - 2 April 2014 at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, Poland.

Official Launch of ICC BPO Rules announced

The ICC will hold a public presentation of the new “Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation” (URBPO; also referred to as the 'ICC BPO rules') on May 17th, in its headquarters in Paris.

BCR report on the ICC Banking Commission Conference on Supply Chain Finance

 Thierry Senechal-Andre Casterman 

The International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission held its first Supply Chain Finance Conference on the 4-5 October at its headquarters in the centre of Paris. The Conference was in recognition of the continued growing interest in supply chain finance by the banking community and also medium and large corporates.