Brazil rates up by three points to 25%

Brazil's central bank on Wednesday increased its key interest rate by 3 percentage points to 25 per cent in an effort to crush growing inflation as the government-elect pledged to press ahead with central bank reforms and austerity measures.

State-owned bank boosts export finance to SMEs

Brazil’s federally owned Banco do Brasil (BB) was very much in the news as it boosted its Proex export financing by 55.6% in October to US$54.4m, compared to the same month last year.

Brazil hikes prime rate to crush inflationary pressures

For the second time in two months, Brazil's central bank increased its prime lending rate, this time by a percentage point to 22 per cent yesterday in a move aimed at quelling inflationary pressures but that may put a further brake on the economy.

Banks Reduce Offer of Credit

Brazilian banks are reducing the offer of credit to small and medium sized companies due to the growth of default level.