A mix of home and office working predicted – Channel/BCR survey

Getting the right home/work life balance is of critical importance to businesses and this relationship has been brought under much closer scrutiny since the start of the Covid pandemic as a result of most employees being forced to work from home. The question that is increasingly being asked by employees and considered by employers is what will happen after the pandemic in terms of working from home?

As the business world moves closer to having to address this scenario, Steve Box (pictured) of Channel capital recently commissioned BCR to conduct a short survey of those involved in the receivables finance sector to find out what is being thought or planned for this.

Of the 63 senior executives from around the globe that gave their opinions, 59% said their organisation would offer a mix of working from home and office in a post pandemic world. However, 20% said there would be a complete return to office working. Only 13% expected full-time working from home to continue.

Seventy per cent of respondents said they missed the company of others and nearly an equal number said the same for face-to-face discussion and the immediacy of being able to discuss issues. Fifty-four per cent said they missed the opportunity to socialise with colleagues after work.

At BCR’s recent RFIx convention, Steve Box said ‘it should be a very interesting time ahead to see how this pans out in terms of what workers want and what the heads of businesses feel is best for their organisations. Clearly people are missing the company of others and the spontaneity of being able to immediately ask questions and discuss issues.’

In terms of business growth and development, 83% of respondents thought there would be strong growth in the receivables finance sector in the years following the pandemic (as was seen after the banking crisis of 2008/9).